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What we offer

Brendan and the Bonefish Marine team offer a full range of services to keep your boat cruising smoothly on the water. Engine and drive repair and service – everything from props to towers, including rebuilds and repowers. Bonefish Marine also offers trailer service and repair along with the installation of stereos and speakers. For your convenience, all work orders are online, with online payment options available.

Engine and Drive
Service & Repair

Engine Service - $175/Hr
+ oil and filters

Trailer Service & Repair




Stereo & Speaker Installations




Basic - $185.99
Outboard - $105.99
Ski/Wakeboard - $319.99

Boat/RV Storage

Bonefish Marine offers monthly and year-round storage. Safe, secure and affordable storage for your boat and/or RV.


1-4 Months - $50/month

5+ Months - $40/month
3 Units - $110/month


1 Unit - $480

3 Units - $1320

Boat Storage Packages

Package #1

Storage for 1 Year

One boat service per year: 5 litres of oil, one oil filter, 3 litres of AMSOL leg oil, basic winterization including RV anti-freeze.


Package #2

Includes everything in Package #1 PLUS

Shrink Wrap of boat for winter storage up to a maximum of 19-feet
(Over 19-feet will be an additional fee per foot)
Vents and Poles (if needed)
Moisture Absorbent