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Fuel Line, Universal Low Perm

Seachoice 21361 Fuel Line Assemblies - Outboard Engines
Universal (w/o connectors), 3/8" x 6'
Meets all EPA, CARB, USCG and ABYC Requirements
Includes: Low permeation primer bulb, fuel line fittings, stainless steel hose clamps and 3/8" fiber-reinforced fuel line for additional strength and kink resistance.

    • Faster priming fuel line assembly with 3/8" ID ensures maximum fuel flow to meet todays higher horsepower engines

    • Kink resistant heavy duty fuel line

    • Compatible with ethanol blended fuels

    • Bulb engineered to maintain flexibility and prevent collapse in hot and cold temperatures

    • Spring loaded check valves ensure for quicker primer in any position vertical or horizontal

  • Stainless Steel Clamps to ensure leak free connections