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Joker 3P Towable

WOW 211020 Joker Towable, 3 Riders
This high-profile design will be sure to draw some attention and entertain the ones brave enough to ride and bystanders alike. The Power Tower System gives riders countless options when it comes to how they ride. Stand, Kneel, Sit, Lay or even Handstand. The winged bottom minimizes the drag and hugs the riders so they can feel secure. Riding solo? Guide your ride using the Power Tower as leverage to steer and glide across the waves.
Secure EVA foam deck pads Lay, Kneel, Stand, Sit

Rounded bottom tilts and steers through the waves easily

Great floating lounger for relaxing after your ride it will rock your worries away

Heavy-duty PVC bladder and nylon cover

Speed valve for fast inflation and deflation

Zippered valve cover

1-year warranty