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Towable Big Shark 2 person

WOW Sports 201040 Big Shark Towable, 1-2 Person
The hungry Big Shark Towable is a 2 rider in-line float, a classic style that has been a riders favorite for decades. The Big Shark gives riders a simple way to sit and ride while utilizing custom shaped, large pontoon fins for fun, stable, and secure riding.
Large custom-shaped fin pontoons for easy boarding and to keep your ride fun, stable, and secure

Built in Molded EZ Tow Connector for EZ tow point hook ups

Heavy-duty reinforced tow system construction

EVA foam pad seating for comfortable riding

Heavy-duty full nylon cover with heavy-duty secure zippers

Heavy-duty PVC bladders

Double webbing foam handles with EVA foam knuckle guards

Zippered valve covers

Speed Valve for fast inflation and deflation

1 year warranty