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Towable Mega Ducky 5P

WOW 191060 Mega Ducky Towable, 1-5 Riders
Taking the WOW Ducky to the next level! This massive MEGA DUCKY is ready to take the whole gang for a ride. The MEGA DUCKY makes the ultimate statement on the water and features front and back tow points so riders get 2 ride options in 1 tube. This giant lake cruiser is a classic couch style towable with a HUGE deck area that will hold up to 5 PEOPLE. The side wings are designed to help contain the riders on the deck. Each seat is equipped with foam pads and handles for a SECURE ride. And after your ride is over the Mega Ducky makes a perfect floating island on the water. Anchor it down or tie it to the dock for a fun floating playground or comfy relaxation spot on the water. 1 year warranty.
850Ibs. 385kg. maximum capacity

SECURE DECK SEATING comes with extra high backrest and sidewalls. Great for helping young kids feel secure on the water

The extra high backrest keeps the ride going on the extra fast and bouncy rides

Reinforced Front And Back Tow Points, 2 Rides In 1 Towable

Free 11" 5K aluminum EZ tow connector included

EVA foam seat and knee pad

Great floating island for relaxing after your ride

Heavy-duty PVC bladder and nylon cover

Speed valve for fast inflation and deflation

Zippered valve cover